Boris Bell – Sacred Drums


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Boris Bell: Drumset, Gongs, Glocken, Kalimbaphon, Marimbaphon, Rahmentrommel, Stimme, Udu.

Alle Kompositionen von Boris Bell. Live aufgenommen 2017 in der Dorfkirche Berlin-Weißensee von Marco Birkner.
Gemischt und gemastert von Marco Birkner im Studio P1.

1 Introduction
2 Calling the Spirits
3 Fluss
4 Monks Talking with
5 Einsamer Rufer 1
6 Finger Tanz
7 Klagelied
8 Für die Ahnen
9 Man Sitting in front of his Hut
10 Einsamer Rufer 2
11 Down in the Earth
12 Ritual Dance
13 Heimruf von den Reisfeldern
14 The Wizard Brewing
15 Prayer in the Woods
Gesamtlänge 54:04


An invitation to listen
This is a recording of a real-time listening experience. Over the past 15 years Boris Bell has been communicating the music of drums, woods and metals, and his own voice, with listeners in sacred spaces around Germany. The recoding is an opportunity to hear drums in spaces usually reserved for the sounds of choirs and organs. It is a rewarding documentation of an inspired conversation Mr. Bell carries on with these reverberant spaces.
We listen. Warm bass drums and tomtoms, long tones, bells and gongs—subtle orchestrations and timbral combinations guide the listener into the magic of the hidden melodies of the percussions. Here, we participate in a live concert where sounds embrace and transport us. Listen. Jump in.

Robyn Schulkowsky
Berlin, Nov. ’17